01/Chicago Review


"...Dilworth still makes a splendid Mary whose only skill is to function as a household “decoration”.  -Mitchell Oldham

02/Chicago Review 

Chicago Stage Standard

"Meagan Dilworth shines as an overburdened mother and a newscaster" -Susanna Hostetter

03/Chicago Review 

Chicago Theatre Triathlon

"Dilworth paints a sincere, sympathizing portrait through a monologue that sets the tone of this verbose, lyrical text with moments of humor sparked from nerves." 

04/Chicago Review

Chicago Theater Review

"Standouts include Meagan Dilworth, who delivered the first ten or so minutes of dialogue on stage with undeniable stage command and endearing sincerity."


"Dilworth's Taffy is a particular delight"

The Artery.png

"Meagan Dilworth is impishly funny as Mabel’s childlike sibling, Taffy..."


"Horne, Dilworth, and Guerra are given memorable turns at putting over bawdy physical comedy."


"Meagan Dilworth as Taffy and Cloteal L. Horne as Mabel bring a realistic sheen to the bickering pair of sisters who nonetheless cover each other’s backs..."